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Saucony Ride 9: the test

It is a classic running shoe from Saucony whose reputation for seriousness and reliability is no longer to be made: let’s leave to discover this Ride, ninth of the name.


There are brands known to all. Nike, Asics, Adidas in particular. And then there are those that only sound in the ears of the initiated and often in good. Saucony is one of them. The American brand has relied over the years on a handful of flagship models declined year after year, notably this Ride of which we present the ninth version.

Slightly overweight for comfort


This may seem surprising, but at a time when the hunting of the gram is raging and where all brands redouble innovations to lighten their shoes, Saucony has made the opposite choice with this Ride 9. It is indeed a little heavier than The previous one: 248 grams in size 42 according to the brand, and rather around 270 in size 44 according to my kitchen scale.


So why make the choice to weigh these shoes down? For comfort, please! It is comfort as well, and from this point of view it is rather a success. The proof with the threading: a comfortable liner, a thick and seamless rod, an effective lacing. The very fine mesh wicks away perspiration while remaining strong.



But it is especially on the insole that we must seek change. A “Everun” cushion well known to the fans of the brand to present an interesting amortization / reactivity ratio, an 8mm drop that I find ideal, and chevron studs that I found rather effective when I tried to raise on bitumen tempera.

Similarities with Mizuno


For having tested several pairs of Mizuno in recent years, I found real similarities with this Ride 9. A comfortable shoe has been said, an interesting dynamics, with a cushioning that remains secure … And a stiffness of the shoe that Will not please everyone. This is in any case my feeling after about 200km traveled: I thought they would not break, but no. The shoe lacks a bit of flexibility, if you are accustomed as is my case to run everyday with Nike for example, the difference is striking. On the other hand, it is also much more stable and secure than the average.

For how far?


On paper Saucony offers models more suited to short distances like the marathon, this Ride 9 would therefore be destined for semi-marathon. I said on paper, since it finally appears very versatile, and its cushioning is in my opinion quite sufficient to consider serenely a marathon, at least for runners under 80 kilos. This would allow you to enjoy a greater dynamism than its older sister, the Triumph ISO 3, provided you accommodate this rigidity already mentioned.

Test report Saucony Ride 9


To summarize, if I had to retain a strong point, it would be this dry cushion but well present that allows a return of energy really interesting as soon as you look for a bit of respondent. Side weak point, it is stiff, but it is very subjective: many riders like this kind of shoes less flexible, just see the success of the Wave Rider at Mizuno, which is a best seller.


Note that I have tested a special version: it is part of the “Reflex Series” range from Saucony. To make it simple, they are reflective when you run at night. One is never too visible. A fault for this limited version: they are white, they are beautiful: but not long. A little rain, a little way, and they will oscillate between yellow and brown. It’s a little less fashion for the shot.


The notes of the Saucony Ride 9:


Aestheticism: 7/10

Dynamic: 8/10

Comfort: 6/10

Stability: 8/10

Hook: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10


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