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Rita Ora dares the jewelry of the head: a tendency not to be missed

Singer Rita Ora attended the Summer Party event at Serpentine Galleries and Chanel in London. For the occasion the singer has released an accessory that is already envied all of him … Focus on the head jewelry, a trend 2017 to adopt now!
Rita Ora is part of this kind of person always at the top level style. At the forefront of fashion, every outing of the star is scrutinized by fashion and beauty addict. The perfect complexion, the often red lips and the eyeliner excelledly traced, the singer of Your Song has nothing more to prove and has even become a reference.
His last appearance did not fail to attract our attention. Elegantly dressed in a high collar with black shoulder pads, the waist fitted with a belt and legs covered with a tulle skirt in the same dark tone, the singer had chosen to contrast all with a touch of red On the lips and from the white to the feet with his Derbies with heels.
However, what immediately jumps us to the eyes happening side hairstyle. In the form nothing very extravagant since it is a tail-of-horse knotted of a black catogan. The touch of glamor is this elegant head jewelry matching ear jewelry. A bit glittering but at the same time subtle by the fineness of the diamond chains, we like the audacity of the accumulation of barrettes way pines.
Adopted by the former protégé of Jay Z, the jewelry as well as the headband, has resumed its rights on the catwalks of the last Fashion Week where Dolce & Gabbanna put us in full view. Star of marriages, it is not uncommon to see ornament heads of future wives, way chains in headband or spindle of head, this is a must that comes from the Indian culture. A country where jewelry symbolizes belief, has dominated beauty since prehistory.
Shopping: 5 crunchy head jewelry to shopper to pimper his hairstyle.
Gold leaf metal headband, 10,87 € on Etsy. Ideal for a festival style or simply to upgrade an outfit a bit too soft.
Headband jewelry, Attractive from Les Dissonances, 50 €. This Greek jewelry is a Greek way of seduction. It is worn as headband on the forehead, in a headband on the hair or simply in a bun for a note of romanticism.
Barrette Arabesque Yellow from Secrets de Cailloux, 18 €. The beauty of this bar hair style brooch, offers an excellent hold for the hair. Working in a retro style, it can quickly become a must.
Headband Evita White, from Lila 79 €. Double glamor, the bronze color of this headband reminds the majesty of the Roman and Greek women. We love its multi-use side, we wear it according to its desires with the patterns in front, on the side or in another register wear it as a necklace!
Headband Collection Kheops by Aurélie Joliff price to be found in point of sale. We travel to Ancient Egypt with this headband with flat chain and gold plated. The little extra? It is this element color green Bora Bora that adds to the elegance of the jewelry.
The most extravagant of the British singers was seen Friday, in the streets of London with a very daring beauty look. Rita Ora had opted for a girly beauty setting, breaking the bag girl side of her hairstyle .
Rita Ora was in London with friends last Friday. The beautiful took advantage of his last outing to again bluff us with a new hairstyle. Since Rita Ora cut her short hair, the young woman constantly changes her head: her pixie cut, she coiffes it according to her desires! Last week, Rita Ora had made the choice to patch a part of her hair back, while leaving free its lengths from the top. This changes from what the star has been able to show us before, however, this cut with a rock trend suits him perfectly, and blends harmoniously with his total black look of bad girl.
To avoid falling into the “dark” look, Rita Ora had chosen a long Chanel pearl necklace. His baby doll make-up also broke with his outfit. Rita Ora was dressed up with a copper and glitter eyeshadow, then a light eyeliner. Obviously, the star who never goes out without his eyes of deer had to draw his XXL lashes that make us dream so much! And the touch of color of its beauty setting that we adore: its ultra-pigmented lipstick!