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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V7: the test

New test on Globe Runners with the test of the Fresh Foam 1080 V7, the latest born of New Balance. A running shoe intended above all to provide maximum cushioning, support and flexibility. So verdict?


In the range of versatile running shoes, good girlfriends always available for a session, and this in almost all conditions, there are a few essential models. And it must be said, the New Balance 1080 is undeniably part of these. So we could not decently miss out on the test of this new version, the Fresh Foam 1080 V7.


First Impressions


A running shoe that has under the sole, that is what we say at first glance as the midsole in gradation of colors seems infinite. The cellular foam of which it is composed makes already hopes a remarkable comfort.


Aesthetically, seen from the top, it is a little wide, an impression strengthened by the shape of the sole that rebels seriously on the forefoot. Visually, you will have understood, the shoe is not very thin, which could make fear the worst once in action.


On the weight side, we are well beyond the 300 grams in size 44, which is generally the case for this type of model. As for the drop it would turn around 8 mm according to the information provided by the American brand.


New Balance 1080 V7, the complete test


What better than a marathon preparation to test a new pair of running shoes. It is therefore by fitting the 1080 V7 that I attack my training plan. The opportunity to test the versatility of this model on very varied sessions, from the fastest to the longest.


The 1080 V7 equipped with its sole Fresh Foam is still much more comfortable during long outings or jogging a little to the cool, than on the sessions more rhythmic, but that, Already suspected it.


Visually we could have thought running with barges on the feet, which is frankly not obvious. But fortunately, from the first stride one realizes very quickly that this is not the case. The comfort of the 1080 is really appreciated and tame very quickly.


The footing is done smoothly, the transition to the front is fluid, the stride is perfectly guided. The shoe is very stable, especially because it has a fairly wide sole. The foot is well maintained by an effective lacing. In short, you feel very safe very quickly, especially since the outsole offers an interesting grip on all terrains.


From comfort, it has to resell, hookers of all kinds will be able to give a heart joy. A soft cushioning without being cottony which will also delight lovers of long distances, and runners more quite light.


The 1080 V7 therefore behaves very well at low speed, but not only. In training, it still allows to do the job on more sustained rhythms, and to work the semi or marathon pace at more than 15km / h. It still leaves a lot of margin for quite a few runners as for the range of use of this New Balance 1080 V7.


Concerning wear, nothing to report for the moment after more than 200 km traveled. It is difficult to predict the future. Even if, in view of its design, one hopes that this 1080 will age rather well.


Test report Fresh Foam 1080 V7


A really interesting discovery that this new model New Balance 1080 V7. A running shoe of great stability that seduces by its qualities on the ground.


A balanced mix that guarantees an undeniable comfort, without too much impairing the performance aspect, as it can sometimes be the case on this type of product.


The 1080 V7 is one of those shoes that will never let you down, and that will take you far, far away.