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How to choose a sports shoe?

Each sport has a type of shoe that is appropriate to it. But what about people who practice several different sports in a week? Are the so-called multi-sport shoes really suitable for all types of sports? When should they be changed? And what price should one put there?


People who practice the same sport a minimum of three times a week must wear specialized shoes for the sport. This rule applies to the riders. But for those who practice several different sports, the running shoe is to be avoided. This is the most suitable multi-sport shoe. However, choosing it is essential to avoid injury.


According to Patrick Gazave, Managing Director at the Central Market Marker’s Marketplace, people looking for results should invest in a specialized shoe for optimal training. But when it does not, the multi-sport shoe can do the job very well. ‘Multisport is like a hybrid bike, you can do anything with it.’


Louis Bissonnette, associate vice president of footwear purchases at Sports Experts, explains the importance of choosing a shoe suitable for his activities: ‘A running shoe is made to absorb shock and go straight. The multi-sport shoe is designed in a much stronger way and offers more foot and ankle support for lateral movements. That’s why you can run a bit with a multi-sport shoe, but, for example, playing tennis with a running shoe would be very dangerous. ‘


Cases of injury due to the use of an improperly adapted shoe are common. Olivier Versailles, a clinical kinesiologist at the Kinesiology Clinic at the Montreal university, confirms this. ‘Not only are these injuries frequent, but it seems even more true for multi-sport shoes. Unlike the shoe market that is highly specialized and where sellers are well trained, people who buy multisports rely much more on the appearance of the shoe. They will prefer a cute shoe rather than a shoe adapted to their activities and they may end up with unpleasant surprises. ‘


Symptoms of an inadequate shoe include blisters, premature wear both inside and outside the shoe and feeling unstable during exercise. When the problem persists, the possible injuries are very varied, but most often listed are ankle sprains and knee and hip problems and discomforts.


For Olivier Versailles, the worst choices of shoes are those in mesh or weaving, commonly called ‘shoes in mesh’. ‘They do not offer any lateral stabilization,’ he explains. Another bad choice is a shoe too heavy. What we want is a balance between the lightness of the shoe and its stability. ‘


At each activity its shoe


When purchasing a multi-sport shoe, it is necessary to determine which will be ideal depending on the activities performed. Side-to-side activities require better ankle support, while those requiring a lot of strength require a shoe with high stability. Those with a lot of movement, such as zumba, require some flexibility in the sole, whereas impact sports require a thicker sole. It is also necessary to consider the physiology of the foot with respect to the width of the shoe chosen. Some models are made narrower, others wider. ‘Some multi-sport shoes are very specialized, like those of crossfit, which are the big fashion now. They are appreciated because they are made much wider and lower on the sole. But in addition to crossfit, the majority of multi-sport shoes are designed for all activities, ‘says Louis Bissonnette.


According to him, the brands that currently offer the most reliable products in multi-sport shoes are Under Armor, Reebok and Nike. Then follow Adidas and New Balance.


How much does it cost?


Multi-sport shoes generally look a little cheaper than those specialized in running. These often cost around $ 150 and can easily reach $ 200. Patrick Gazave and Louis Bissonette agree that a multi-sport shoe should not exceed $ 150. The average price would be around $ 120. Louis Bissonnette gives the following picture: ‘A sports shoe is like a car. The less you pay, the less you get for your money … You do not have to take the most expensive, but the one that costs more necessarily offers something that the other does not offer. ‘


When to change his shoes?


Runners are used to keeping a record of their races. They can thus easily know the number of kilometers they have traveled. ‘Running shoes should be changed every 600 to 800 km. But this is not an exact science. We can only rely on diminishing support or comfort to know that it is time to change them. Other people will notice a new pain to realize it’s time to change them. But on average, a pair of running shoes lasts about eight months, ‘says Patrick Gazave.


For multi-sport shoes, the service life is about one year. Because of their strength, they have a better lifespan than specialized running shoes, but since they are often very stressed and in several different movements, they also have a limit.


The moment to change them can also be seen by the decrease in support or comfort. They have excellent grip on the inside, but their sole tends to wear out faster.


‘You should also know that shoes that are used in the rain last much less,’ adds Patrick Gazave.


Tips for an Informed Purchase


Multi-sport shoes should not be shopped at the press. It takes time because a bad purchase can result in injury. Louis Bissonnette offers us some tips to ensure that we make an informed choice.


Bringing your own stockings


Not only bringing your own sports stockings for fitting shoes is more hygienic, but it allows you to reproduce the exact context in which you will train.


Choosing Immediate Comfort


Forget the belief that the shoe will ‘break’ with time! It is true that shoes are softened after a few uses, but sports shoes are not like leather shoes; They must already be comfortable on the first try, otherwise they will never be.


Shop at the end of the day


During a typical day, the feet swell. At the end of the day, our feet have a certain volume more than the morning. By shopping your shoes at the time of the day when your feet are at their full size, you avoid surprises when wearing them at a different time of day.


Try both feet


Everyone has one foot longer than the other. This difference, however, varies from person to person. It is therefore possible and normal that a shoe will do you very well in one foot, but either too tight in the other. It is therefore important to try both feet and tie the shoes. As retailers only sell pairs of shoes the same size, if one foot is comfortable but the other is too tight, you will need to opt for the pair of the largest size.


Buy a beautiful shoe!


Although the primary criterion remains comfort, it is wrong to say that fashion is not important. The shoe will not be worn if the consumer does not find it beautiful. It is then important to love it on every level, including colors! Moreover, multisport shoes are the ones that are the most worn by consumers outside of the sports periods. Their appearance is therefore even more important than for specialized shoes