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ADIDAS Response Boost Techfit: long-term test

To test a pair of shoes adidas, it is necessarily to confront with ideas received, as the brand has been present for almost 70 years in the world of sport. My test was carried out, not over a short period, but over 6 months and 500 km.


First contacts


The model is flashy (fluorescent orange and black), with a very nice, light look (the ‘Response’ is a flagship model of the brand) 260g for a 42 2/3), but oddly badly finished (cutout of the approximate, rubber in the aspect ‘cheap’ on the reinforcements, inaccurate collages …). My first reaction is to tell myself that they will not last long.


At the fitting, big disappointment: they are much too small! New delivery with a bigger pair, and there everything returns in order. I find myself with a 47 1/3, while I usually wear a 45-46. Adidas shoes very small, let’s say it! You will understand that my template is not that of a Kenyan (1m95 for 92 kg during this test). I am a marathon runner (3:34) and I run 3-4 times a week.


Not surprisingly, the footwear is very comfortable, not too enveloping, allowing to keep dynamic sensations. Drop average of 10mm. Let’s go for the first tests! Very pleasant, light and yet stable (Torsion system), dynamic yet comfortable for me who am used to marathon slippers. However, I can not get rid of my a priori on the apparent fragility of the shoe.


It will take me a few sessions of short, fractional and long (21km), to admit that they eventually hold, that the cushioning provided by the BOOST insole (midsole between the outer and the sole of cleanliness, supposed to restore The energy of each stride) remains very present, and that they do not ‘pack’ under my weight! Tested on the way, the grip is not bad, far from it. Rain will be avoided (no it is not a trail model).


And in the long run?

This is where the adidas Response Boost bluffed me! This pair is very strong, resistant even for a heavy rider (although recommended for 80kg max). After 6 months of training, they are still in excellent condition, allowed me to pass under the 44 ‘to the 10km and remain my partners for half of my trainings.


The disadvantage of my test: it happens then that their season of sale is passed (model A-H 2014).

The advantage of my test: these are the sales and they are at an extremely interesting price right now (60-80 €)!


One should not always trust the appearances!

Adidas delivers a shoe as always quality, although in appearance, the finishes leave something to be desired.

They are perfect for light runners (but not only) looking for a model for the road, performing until the semi marathon, comfortable but allowing a search for speed. At this price, it is an excellent choice.


We tested the model man (test ADIZERO TEMPO 7), let’s see if madame has the same opinion on this pair of running shoes ADIZERO BOOST. Our tester, Peggy, regular and versatile runner (road, path, track), returns on his impressions after 2 months of test.


‘For the past two months, I have had the opportunity to test these adidas adizero tempo boost on all types of terrain: both on roads and on fairly clean sections of road, on all types of sessions: 40 minutes Jogging, run-in sessions, in-kind or semi-marathon competitions.

First of all when I open the cardboard I am pleasantly surprised by the colors but also by their lightness when I take them in hand. I am rather in a hurry to shoe them up and go frolicking in my country. First impression with the foot really very pleasant, both flexibility of maintenance and stability. The feeling of being well maintained will be confirmed during my first test in running and on all my outings.

I find that this shoe really has a real potential. On the one hand it is endowed with a boot with a really comfortable cushioning that does not detract from its dynamism, it really allows a good propulsion. The boost effect gives the impression that the feet leave on their own as soon as the rhythm is accelerated. No predominant footing.

On the other hand, the lightness of the shoe is an additional asset. One feels free in our movements, especially since the slipper is thin. The aesthetic and feminine side is not to neglect either its rather trendy colors and flashy are really an added attraction for us girls!


To summarize :

The little extra: for a shoe rather road, it also fits on portions of roads as long as the road is not too stony or too muddy. The cushioning is always interesting.

The least: small fragility in the adidas bands, one of them begin to take off. In any case, it is a shoe that I advise without hesitation! ‘